NPQ in Leading Primary Maths

The national professional qualifications continue to grow in number as a wider range of specialist qualifications get added to the portfolio. The new NPQ in Leading Primary Maths will be available from February 2024 onwards. Manor Teaching School Hub will be partnering with Ambition Institute and local Maths Hubs to bring you excellent facilitation from Maths Mastery specialists.




What you'll learn

The aim of the programme is to develop a school culture with a positive attitude to maths and therefore in the programme :

You’ll learn about how pupils learn, so you can develop systems which help children:

  • overcome maths anxiety
  • build resilience
  • develop problem-solving strategies

You’ll learn how to create a culture of high expectations where teachers:

  • challenge and motivate pupils
  • give pupils high quality feedback
  • Design and introduce maths curriculums

You’ll learn how to design maths curriculums and develop leadership skills to help you introduce them, including how to:

  • identify the maths knowledge that pupils need
  • help pupils make connections between maths facts and concepts
  • identify gaps in pupils’ knowledge and make changes accordingly
  • plan curriculum changes so that teachers are supported
  • Support maths teachers in your school

You’ll learn techniques to help you support maths teachers, including techniques to help them:

  • plan lessons, for example sequencing lessons so that pupils can build their knowledge
  • support inclusion of pupils, for example ensuring that the starting point is accessible to all
  • manage their workload, for example by sharing approaches to marking work
  • understand and use consistent maths vocabulary


The structure of the programme will be similar to other Specialist NPQ programmes - delivered over one year starting with a full day conference and then with a series of clinics every half term. In addition to this there will be online learning which you need to access on a fortnightly basis.

The Framework which details the expected content for the programme can be seen on the DFE website.

Click here for the latest programme flyer.

Click here for the Programme Schedule for February 2024


The eligibility criteria for coming onto the programme is that before applying for this NPQ, you should have a secure understanding of mastery approaches to teaching maths from the Teaching for Mastery programme, or an equivalent programme.

If you would like to register interest for this programme please click here and we will direct you to the application process with our partners Ambition Institute.