Early Headship Coaching Offer

This 12 month programme of support is delivered through one-to-one coaching sessions with an experienced headteacher, with the option to shadow them in their day-to-day role.

There will be pre- and post-coaching coursework to do in your own time. You will also have regular peer-group discussions with other headteachers, via online video conferencing, to work through work-related dilemmas.

Who is this programme for ?

This support is available to new Headteachers in their first five years of headship. You can take advantage of this additional support programme at the same time as doing the new NPQ for Headship.


What you'll learn

This programme is tailored to the needs of the individual. The content covered will depend on your school’s specific challenges and any persistent problems of school leadership.

Topics might include:

  • School culture: Establishing a professional and supportive school culture and encouraging staff to contribute.
  • Learning and development: Ensuring effective approaches to professional learning and development.
  • Curriculum: Organising and teaching the curriculum.
  • Behaviour: Attending to pupil behaviour and wider circumstances.
  • School improvement: Analysing and diagnosing problems, planning and implementing strategies for continuous educational improvement.
  • Administration: Managing an efficient and effective organisation.
  • Self: Developing personal expertise, self-efficacy and self-regulation.


The application process is not yet open but you can register your interest at this link and then we will contact you as soon as the application process is open to ensure that you make the deadline.