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Nominate Your Induction Tutor.

Your school should have received an email from "" (sent 17 May), inviting registration on the online portal for induction. The email has been sent to the address registered on Get Information About Schools.

If you cannot locate the email, please click HERE to re-generate the email. Please note however that it will be resent to your GIAS registered address - if you need to check or change this, please do so through DfE Secure Sign In.

The DfE have prepared this short walk through of registration on the portal, you can watch HERE. 


Confirm Your School

Confirm that your school will be delivering training via a Manor Teaching School Hub, with Ambition Institute as the funded provider, and estimate how many ECTs and how many mentors you will have. You don’t yet have to provide their full details. This will happen closer to September and the induction tutor will be prompted for that information by the online service at the appropriate point.


DfE Confirmation

The providers will confirm to the DfE which schools they are working with, and the online service will be updated accordingly.


Select An Appropriate Body

You will also still need to select an appropriate body. We hope to provide this service for your ECT also – please contact Hattie Grove directly for this.